Visual identity in products: Team vision & strategy

Scaled my impact from the sole embedded brand designer in the product org to leading a team of four.

Problem Our internal lack of brand and product partnership was creating an inconsistent external end-to-end customer experience. 

SolutionDefined the vision and strategy for a new team and communicated how the team’s strategy aligned with broader business goals.

Influenced partner team roadmaps and a brand team reorg.

ResultsDefined Visual Identity Systems (VIS) in Products as a discipline, set strategy and vision for the team in annual planning. Broke down silos within and across functions and influenced others to drop our org chart and reach the best outcome for Dropbox customers.

Built well documented end-to-end systems that support the customer. Increasing team velocity, reducing technical debt, and building business efficiencies across the engineering, product and design organization.

Coached my team to navigate the complexity and ambiguity of a reorg and set up clear career growth paths for my team.

Managed and hired a diverse and talented team with a broad range of experience and strengths. Lead hiring decisions and supported in day to day management decisions.

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